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Employment Tribunals


Have the upper hand

We aim to help you avoid litigation wherever possible, when asserting your employment rights.  But if it does come to it, using Menzies Law gives you a very strong hand.

Our specialist employment lawyers are all senior, highly experienced experts in Employment Tribunal claims.  We are one of the strongest Employment Tribunal teams in our region.

Having us on your side will give you a distinct advantage.  Given our knowledge, expertise, our seniority and the quality of experience our team have developed during their careers (we even have a part-time Tribunal judge on our team), the chances are that we will be more than a match for your employer’s lawyers.  With us, you get the ‘big law firm’ punch for a very reasonable price.  In fact, the Legal 500 which is a directory ranking law firms, positions us alongside a number of large, well-known legal firms.

Proven success in Tribunals

Where possible, we will aim to keep you out of court.  Going through a Tribunal takes an emotional toll so where it is possible, we can negotiate a decent settlement for you.  This will save time, stress and money.  However, where necessary, our highly skilled and responsive Employment Tribunal litigation process will swing into action on your behalf.

We have had a great deal of success in the Employment Tribunal.  We have won a myriad of claims on behalf of employees and executives.

We’ve also thought a lot about how to look after you – the best ways we can take some of the stress away when bringing an Employment Tribunal claim.  First of all, we provide you with open, frank advice about the pros and cons of your case – and expert guidance on the best strategy and tactics to use.  Second, we are superb at getting the best from you as a witness and developing effective witness statements.  Lastly, we’ve worked with a wide range of Barristers with expertise in different areas if employment law to provide skilled direction of your case.  We research, appoint and work with employment Barristers for both specialist advice during a case and to represent you in hearing(s) when necessary.  Using a Barrister is a choice, it is not compulsory.  If you your case does go all the way to final hearing, you may choose not to be represented by a Barrister.  If so, we can still support you and mentor you to represent yourself in the Employment Tribunal.

Full range of expertise

We are experts in the full range of Employment Tribunal claims.  Unfair dismissal, redundancy, whistleblowing, discrimination, breach of contract, equal pay… you name it, we are experts in it.  We also often work with clients where they have multiple or complex employment claims.  Claims like this are becoming increasingly common.   Of course there are costs associated with us representing you.  Our Pricing Guidelines give some useful insight as to legal fees but for accurate and detailed estimates as to costs we would need to fully understand your case.

Don’t just take our word for it!

When we at Menzies Law buy something important, we like to be choosy.  We always find testimonials from other clients helpful when making our choices.  If you do too, please take a look at the ones below from recent executive and employee clients.  They will give you some insight of us as a firm and what it’s like to work with us.

There are also a range of reviews you can refer to on the Review Solicitors website.

You may also find our Guide to Employment Tribunals useful to understand the Tribunal Process.

Thank you for all of your help and support over the last few months. Your expertise and counsel have been greatly appreciated, and a reassuring voice of sanity in an odd situation!

a reassuring voice of sanity in an odd situation!, Managing Director

Jessica at Menzies Law gave me the confidence to demand more, as my company had not followed the correct process, and I had a good case for unfair dismissal. Due to this we negotiated an increase of 380% on the severance payment, with minimal fuss. So I was very happy with the outcome, and Jessica was very transparent about costs incurred as we went along.

Employee testimonial – anon

Luke Menzies very ably represented me in an Employment Tribunal claim, obtaining compensation and costs. He is thorough, and very approachable. I recommend him highly.

Employee testimonial – Dr B

Luke Menzies did a great job seeing off a very threatening claim by my former employers which could have greatly harmed the start of my new business. I was very relieved to have him on my side.

Employee testimonial – Dr M

Luke Menzies supported me expertly through my recent exit from my last employment. Luke’s obvious expertise and experience is complimented brilliantly by his pragmatic and forthright approach which provided absolute peace of mind at a difficult time. The outcome achieved was better than anticipated, all down to the expert management of the situation, and for that I am truly grateful.

Employee testimonial – Mr B

I am happy to recommend Menzies Law. They are friendly and knowledgeable and fought hard on my behalf. They are also very ready to frankly advise when it is time to accept what is on offer and not needlessly waste further time or effort. I felt I got a very honest and capable service from them.

Employee testimonial – Mr M

I see what they mean… you ARE worth every penny!!

Employee testimonial – Mr S

I was grateful and impressed by the professionalism of Menzies Law and the outcome they negotiated for me. Luke Menzies’ grasp of detail and his determined negotiation skills on my behalf were something of a wake-up call to my employers. I have already recommended Menzies Law to others and will do so again.

Employee testimonial – Mr W

Luke Menzies provided me with sensible, commercial, intelligent and pragmatic advice. He took counsel well and his experience of handling large city institutions, together with his occupational skill, meant he provided a quality service. A highly regarded legal firm in London recommended Luke to me and I am pleased to have taken up their suggestion. Menzies Law’s fees are very competitive and attractive for anyone based in London who wishes to obtain high quality advice at a far more reasonable rate than available in the City.

Employee testimonial – Ms T

I found Victoria and Simon friendly in dealing with a difficult employment matter and I didn’t feel awkward at all.  They gave me all the information I needed and explained things well, answering all my questions and dealing with matters fast.  I have been recommending Menzies Law to others.  Thank you for your help!

Employee testimonial – Ms O

A huge thank you for your help. A modest brief for you I’m sure but extremely important to me.  From the off you have been superb, responses, guidance, patience -and even politely laughing at my dreadful jokes and ramblings.  I don’t think I could have had better support.


From the off you’ve been superb!, Sales Director

At a stressful time it was reassuring to deal with an experienced solicitor who succinctly outlined the options available and helped negotiate a good outcome for me. While not the cheapest advice based on rates, it was definitely good value, which is what really matters when you need legal advice.

Good value legal advice

I was very pleased with Luke Menzies’ experienced advice and representation of me in a difficult unfair dismissal claim against my former employers. He convincingly won the case and obtained a sizeable amount of compensation for me.

Employee testimonial – Mr F

I would like to thank Menzies Law for their excellent work in negotiating on my behalf. I was delighted with the results.

Employee testimonial – Mr H, engineer, Bristol

I have never had to deal with an employment lawyer before. The advice was prompt and clear with plenty of ‘straight talking’. Thank you.

Employee testimonial – Ms P

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