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Costs for Employees

Legal advice can be expensive, and we won’t pretend otherwise.  We believe that being transparent about costs from the outset, keeping you aware of how much our work is costing you, and letting you feel that you are in control of cost, is one of the most important aspects of good service.

We are up-front and open about our fees from the outset of our relationship with you. We will provide you with as much information on the potential likely costs of using our services as we can.  We keep you regularly updated on how our fees are building up and we are happy to agree to cap them and the amount of work we are doing for you, to help your finances.

We are all senior specialists and experts in our field.  The advice we offer employees and executives is offered at a discount on the rates we charge corporate clients. Our discounted rate is more than a ‘High Street’ law firm would charge as they are not offering a comparable level of service not the level of expertise and experience the Menzies Law team provides. However our rates are substantially lower than those of a large commercial law firm.

You are therefore receiving the best quality of advice in the region for a significantly lower price than you would pay at many of our competitors.

Our Initial Consultation

For the vast majority of our work for employees and executives (with the exception of settlement agreement advice), we charge £450 + VAT for an initial consultation, payable in advance of the consultation meeting.  This fee provides you with up to 1.5 hours of advice time with a highly experienced employment lawyer.

What can you expect from an initial consultation?

We’ve thought carefully about what our clients need from us. You’re coming to us for specialist legal advice – choosing us, as employment experts, rather than a High Street law firm. You want us to give consideration to the details of your employment situation and then provide you with clear well-explained advice. You also, of course, want excellent value-for-money and to know precisely what it will cost you.  This is why we offer an initial consultation with us at a fixed price, as your first engagement with our firm.  You will receive:

  • A consultation meeting (or phone call if you prefer) with one of our specialist employment lawyers.
  • A senior, highly experienced lawyer who has specialised in employment law for over 20 years.
  • Some time for your lawyer to read any relevant documents you may wish to send us before the consultation.

Our aim is always that by the end of the consultation you will understand your employment law rights and the options open to you for your situation, having discussed it with one of our specialist employment lawyers.  We are skilled in empowering you to progress matters yourself if you don’t wish to incur costs beyond our initial consultation.

After the 1.5 hours provided by the initial consultation, we can of course continue to help you.  Advice thereafter is charged on a time-based approach using our hourly fee rates (which are significantly discounted for our employee clients).  With time-based work we invoice you at the end of each month or the end of a particular stage of our work for you.  For some types of work we may be able to offer another fixed price option.



Settlement Agreement Advice

For advice and support on settlement agreements, as a specialist employment law firm we offer a premium service that is not available from most other law firms.  See our Settlement Agreements page for more information, including cost.

Employment Tribunal claims

For an outline of the potential costs of an Employment Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal, please see our Price guidelines.  For information on the cost of any other type of Tribunal claim, such as discrimination, please contact us.

Our Payment terms

Our invoices are to be paid upon receipt.  An initial consultation requires payment in advance (we can accept payment by debit or credit card for initial consultations).  For additional work we prefer to receive payment for each additional invoice before we go on to provide you with further assistance.

We believe that this clear approach to payment sensibly manages your ability to pay and our ability to continue with your work.  It avoids the embarrassment and difficulties that can arise with unpaid invoices building up during busy periods of legal work.

Please note that we do not offer ‘no win, no fee’, conditional or contingency fees and we do not offer free consultations.  Unfortunately there is no ‘legal aid’ available for employment law advice.  All advice and activity conducted by us on your case is chargeable.

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