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Employment Tribunals

We always work hard to keep you out of court. But if you do end up facing an Employment Tribunal claim, we’re the experts to help you.

Our specialist employment lawyers are all very senior and highly experienced in Employment Tribunal claims. And since our legal team includes barristers, solicitors and an employment tribunal judge, we believe we are one the strongest Employment Tribunal teams in the South West and Wales.

Having us on your side will give you a distinct advantage.  With our expertise,  you can be confident that you have the an excellent legal team in your corner.  With us, you get the big firm punch at a cost-effective price.



Full range of expertise

We have experience across the full range of Employment Tribunal claims.  Unfair dismissal, redundancy, whistle-blowing, discrimination, breach of contract, equal pay…  You name it, we have expertise in it.  If an employment claim (the ‘ET1’ form) arrives on your desk, we will provide your organisation with powerful, effective defence against any such claims.


Proven success in Employment Tribunals

Where possible, we will aim to keep you out of court. Often, we can negotiate a very modest, acceptable settlement for you, saving you a lot of time as well as cost.  However, where necessary, our highly skilled and responsive Employment Tribunal litigation process will swing into action on your behalf.

We have had a great deal of success in defending employers in Employment Tribunal claims and our success rate is high.  We can even help prepare you or your team with our tribunal Witness Training.

Importantly, we’ve also thought a lot about how to look after you and the best ways we can take some of the stress away when defending an Employment Tribunal claim.  First of all, we provide you with open, frank advice about the pros and cons of your case and expert guidance on the best strategy and tactics to use.  Second, we are superb at getting the best from witnesses and developing effective witness statements.

We’ve worked with a wide range of Barristers with expertise in different areas if employment law to provide skilled direction of your case.  We research, appoint and work with employment Barristers for both specialist advice during a case and to represent you in hearing(s) where necessary.

We speak Plain English

Our advice and guidance is unashamedly frank and plain English. We understand that you are paying us to look after you. That means we are prepared to tell it as it is.  You are guaranteed a ‘no fence sitting’ approach.

Fixed Fee Options

Defending an Employment Tribunal claim can be very expensive for an employer.  We are always looking at ways to provide the most cost-effective and high quality Employment Tribunal legal service that’s possible.  That’s why we  offer fixed fee options as well as the traditional ‘pay as you go’ fees.

With a fixed fee agreement, we share the cost risk with you.  It feels much more appropriate for us to be entirely on the same page as you, cost-wise.  Our interests are then entirely aligned with yours – to get the case dealt with and completed as swiftly and effectively as possible.

We would be very pleased to tell about our full range of fee options for Employment Tribunals claims – including fixed fees, pay-as-you-go and of course the cover for such work under our comprehensive annual retainer package.

Employment Tribunal claims

Regulations require us to publish an outline of the potential costs for an employer defending an Employment Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal: please see our Price guidelines.  For information on the cost of any other type of Tribunal claim, such as discrimination, please get in touch to discuss your claim.


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