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Advice for Employees

Are you having problems at work? Concerned about discrimination or need advice about making a complaint to your employer?  Is your role being made redundant or are you being asked to leave the business?  Have you made a Tribunal Claim or are you thinking of doing so?

When things aren’t going well at work it can feel very lonely. Ensuring your voice is heard and achieving a fair deal can feel impossible.  It can sometimes feel like the only option is to resign. But please don’t – at least not without speaking to us first.

Our specialist employment solicitors work with individuals – as well as organisations and this gives us a real advantage.  Many ‘claimant’ firms put all their focus on advising employees.  We spend a big chunk of our time advising large employers, so you can be sure that we know every trick in the book and exactly what outcomes, risks and tactics your employer (or former employer) is thinking about.

Despite our work for employers, every client of ours gets the same high-quality advice, attention to detail and reassuring one-to-one approach.

Our team of expert employment lawyers have the skill and experience to advise and support people on all aspects of employment law;

Our speciality is complex cases.  Every situation is different.  Our skill is in understanding your unique circumstances and applying our considerably legal expertise to it.  We want you to know your rights, we’ll be direct about your options and the best courses of action open to you.  This approach will help you decide how best to proceed.

If your case is not worth pursuing, we will tell you.  This may not be easy to hear but we pride ourselves on our honest and straightforward approach.  In plain English rather than legal-ease we will :

  • help you understand your chances of success
  • provide you with confidence, direction and guidance
  • empower you to help yourself (and keep your costs down)
  • provide support and reassurance to help you position your case


How much do we cost?

It’s important to talk about costs up front. We do not give free legal advice and the only way to tell you if you have a strong case (or not) is to actually consider the relevant documentation and evidence and meet with you to understand your individual situation.  Taking employment law advice is an investment.  Our expertise frequently gives our clients the ammunition they need to negotiate with their employer.  That initial investment pays off for our clients in a myriad of ways.  Sometimes that is financial, sometimes that is in peace of mind.

We do not offer 30 minutes free consultation as some firms do.  This is because in our experience this approach rarely gives enough time to offer you meaningful and detailed advice.  For most advice, (except Settlement Agreements) we start with a fixed fee initial consultation.   Full details of those fees here.

If you are looking for free advice, your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a Law Centre may be able to help.

A huge thank you for your help. A modest brief for you I’m sure but extremely important to me.  From the off you have been superb, responses, guidance, patience -and even politely laughing at my dreadful jokes and ramblings.  I don’t think I could have had better support.


From the off you’ve been superb!, Sales Director

Luke Menzies very ably represented me in an Employment Tribunal claim, obtaining compensation and costs. He is thorough, and very approachable. I recommend him highly.

Employee testimonial – Dr B

Luke Menzies supported me expertly through my recent exit from my last employment. Luke’s obvious expertise and experience is complimented brilliantly by his pragmatic and forthright approach which provided absolute peace of mind at a difficult time. The outcome achieved was better than anticipated, all down to the expert management of the situation, and for that I am truly grateful.

Employee testimonial – Mr B

I am a nurse of 40 years experience wrongly advised and poorly represented by my union. When I had an employment issue it was daunting to consult a lawyer but Tamsin was incredibly personable, down to earth, and easy to be open with. Because of Tamsin’s advice I questioned the union’s advice and stood up to my employer.  They dropped their threats of action against me. Having the reputation of this firm and Tamsin behind me, helped me sleep at night. Worth every penny – priceless.

Incredibly personable, down to earth legal advice, Nurse

Right from the start Menzies Law and in particular Tamsin James gave me the help I needed to get a settlement with my particular employment dispute. Their friendly but professional approach helped me make the right decisions in what was a very stressful time. I couldn’t recommend them enough and am very pleased with the outcome.

I couldn’t recommend them enough!, Nigel, Gloucestershire

Very understanding and guided me through the procedures with clarity. Helped me feel human and reinstated my confidence at a time of uncertainty. Thank you.

Very understanding and guided me through the procedures with clarity

Thank you for all of your help and support over the last few months. Your expertise and counsel have been greatly appreciated, and a reassuring voice of sanity in an odd situation!

a reassuring voice of sanity in an odd situation!, Managing Director

At a stressful time it was reassuring to deal with an experienced solicitor who succinctly outlined the options available and helped negotiate a good outcome for me. While not the cheapest advice based on rates, it was definitely good value, which is what really matters when you need legal advice.

Good value legal advice

‘Excellent’  boutique firm Menzies Law delivers ‘soundly commercial’ and ‘straightforward, pragmatic advice’  to clients

‘Excellent’ boutique firm

I want to say how extremely grateful both my wife and I are with all of the help you have given us over the last couple of years.  Basically, and I know its an old cliché but, I couldn’t have done it without you!    When I first contacted your firm I just didn’t know which way to turn however, right from the beginning talking to Lindsey and then you, Tamsin, really gave me hope and I’ll never forget that.

As we all know it wasn’t plain sailing after that and it was certainly a rollercoaster ride but we got there in the end due to your diligence, knowledge and professionalism which I will always be grateful for.

You really gave me hope and I’ll never forget that, Nigel, Centre Manager

I spoke to lots of Solicitors firms about my issue.  You were really human, took the time to listen and did a great job, substantially increasing the offer my employer had given me.

You were really human, HR Manager

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