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Annual Retainer Service

Are you looking for regular, cost-effective yet pragmatic employment law advice?  

A budgeted spend for employment and HR advice from our experienced employment lawyers could be the answer.

Keeping things simple

There are plenty of employment law and HR annual retainer services out there but ours stands out because of its senior-level expertise, flexibility and scope.  It is the opposite of a helpline.  This is because you get commercial and bespoke legal advice for your people dilemmas and questions – rather than risk-averse ‘sheep dip’ answers. You have the reassurance of budgeted spend over the year instead of hefty unplanned-for legal bills.

We like to keep things simple.  For a fixed annual fee you (which you determine, not us), you get practically unlimited advice and support, delivered by our senior employment law team.  Whatever’s keeping you awake at night or distracting you  from your day-to-day business – send it our way.

Our Annual Retainer is an open-ended contract for an agreed annual fee.  You pay us quarterly and you can cancel it with just three months’ notice, after the first 12 months are up.

And finally, you only pay for what you want.  We build you a bespoke package around your budget and requirements.  If you don’t want Employment Tribunal Claims excluded, they won’t be.

Choice of modules

Because our scheme is modular you can pick the services that matter most to you.  The most popular are:

But they can also include:


“Such a relief to have found Menzies Law as they give such good practical common-sense advice on everything HR – and quickly as well.”

Thomas Gatacre, Chairman

Not insurance backed so not risk-averse

Our fixed-fee annual retainer scheme really delivers on its promises and it’s not full of exclusions and exemptions.  Our support is comprehensive.   All our advisers are senior lawyers with decades of experience and are experts in their field.

You don’t have to worry that our advice is ‘watered-down’ or is risk-averse to avoid paying out under an insurance policy.  There is no insurance company pulling our strings.  You will always receive the very best, most appropriate advice for your situation. If your risk profile means taking a commercial view then we’re right there with you.  If you’re more cautious, we will be too.


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