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Equality Diversity & Inclusion Training

What are the risks to your business if your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training is out of date or if you have don’t provide any?

If your business neglects its Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training it runs the risk of losing a claim at the Employment Tribunal*.  It is therefore a priority for businesses to keep their EDI training fresh and to ensure its employees are regularly trained.

* The employment tribunal case of Allay v Gehlen (Feb 2021), found that an employer could not rely on the ‘reasonable steps’ defence in the Equality Act 2010 where the perpetrator of harassment had received relevant training but it was stale or needed refreshing.


You may be aware that the Government is intending to extend a duty on employers to actively prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.  This is aimed at shifting the point of liability and to emphasise the need for employers to demonstrate measures they have taken measures to actively avert sexual harassment.    High quality and up to date training is one such measure.

Content of our Equality Diversity and Inclusion workshops:

Our EDI training is designed and delivered by highly experienced employment lawyers arguing these cases regularly in the Employment Tribunal.  Giving real-life examples, our training ensures your delegates gain a solid understanding of workplace harassment, the relevant legislation and how to identify and deal with incidents of harassment.

Our EDI workshops are delivered as ½ day sessions and will:

This is what previous delegates have said about our EDI training:

“Thanks for keeping the EDI training interesting and interactive.  I received great feedback from the team, a lot was learnt.”  Jake, Sales Director

“the training helped me understand how I behave affects others or could be seen as harassment or bullying.  I now better understand how to tackle it.” Keith, Quality Manager

“Very interesting, informative, and very well presented”  Graham, MD


If your organisation’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion needs a refresh or you’re looking to engage with a specialist legal training provider please contact Lindsey Newman on 0117 325 0526 or click below

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