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Advice for Workplace Change

It’s often said that there are no guarantees in life except change.  That statement is never truer than in the workplace – and in the workplace right now.

What’s round the corner for your business?

Perhaps the biggest impact anticipated on the future of workplaces is decarbonisation.   Businesses are factoring in the change required to deliver the UK’s net zero transition targets.  With a UK target to reach net zero by 2050, an economy-wide transformation will be required impacting on our goods, skills and services with some industries being impacted more than others.

Whatever change your organisation faces now or in the future, there will be employment law implications.  We can support and advise you, whatever challenges you face and whatever changes you need to make.  New operating models, restructures & redundancies and changes to employees terms and conditions to drive competitiveness are all possibilities.  You may even need to consider all these options.  Outsourcing and insourcing may trigger TUPE Regulations, and to add another layer of complexity, your business may be unionised.

Working in partnership with you, whatever the challenge

We know how time-consuming, complex and resource-hungry change projects can be.  This is where Menzies Law’s considerable employment law expertise comes in.  We’re very experienced in these sorts of workforce changes, whatever your size, whatever your sector and whether you are unionised or not, we’ve the knowledge to steer you through.

We’re adept at exploring options and helping you decide on the best course of action based on your culture, strategy and risk profile.  And if you need help implementing your workplace changes, our HR Associates can deliver for you too.

Please do get in touch to discuss how we can support you as your business changes.

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