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Blog: Apprentices – all change (again)

We have recently sent out email updates to our clients reminding them about changes to apprenticeship contracts brought in by the Deregulation Act 2015. For all businesses employing apprentices, it’s particularly important to get these contracts right. If you inadvertently enter into a common law apprenticeship contract (rather than one that meets the statutory requirements) you could find yourself unable to terminate the arrangement until the end of the agreed apprenticeship period.

We’re also helping some of our college clients set up Apprentice Training Agencies, and advising employers on the pros and cons of using the ATA model or hosting their own apprentices.

Even if you knew all that already, it may still surprise you to learn that public-school educated, quiz show doyen Nicholas Parsons began his career as an engineering apprentice in the Clydebank shipyards. Which just goes to show that apprenticeships can take young people to apprenticesunexpected places.

So, why don’t you take ‘Just a Minute’ to check that your paperwork is in place and you know your apprenticeship frameworks from your apprenticeship standards. If in doubt, give us a call. As usual, we’ll offer clear, practical advice with no hesitation, deviation or repetition (well, not too much, anyway).

Joanne Sefton
Barrister, Menzies Law

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