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February 2018 Newsletter

It’s February and the year may still be new but HR/Employment changes are coming up fast. We’re happy to meet the pace and keep you up to speed with all the changes coming up over 2018. Whether it’s the new data protection regime, gender pay gap reporting or employment status, the year ahead is certainly going to be significant for employment law.

In our case update this month we take a look at 1) whether an employer can discriminate based on a perceived disability and 2) if someone needs to be personally motivated by a protected disclosure in order to be found to have subjected a whistleblower to a detriment.

What we’ve been doing recently…

February may have been cold, dark and miserable but we’ve been powering away here at Menzies Law (flu and other viruses permitting).  It’s been non-stop on the Gender Pay Gap front of course, assisting our clients to get their GPG figures finalised and reported.  As this bulk of work starts to recede, we are now also having some very interesting conversations about the ‘what next’ with the GPG, in terms of how to take practical steps to reduce your GPG and your equal pay risks.   Next on the horizon will be race pay equality and indeed pay equality for all other types of protected characteristic too.  I shall be talking about little else for the rest of 2018 (sorry).

We have been delighted to welcome a new Business Development Consultant to our team, Lindsey Newman, whom many of you may know (more on that below).

Finally, we went up to The Smoke for a glitzy award ceremony in the Royal Exchange to collect our award of UK Regional Law Firm of the Year (Human Resources) 2018.  We were singled out as the most worthy regional-based law firm in the country (in our field of employment law) for this award, based on our innovations in terms of services and fixed fees.  Thank you again to all our clients to gave positive feedback to the market researchers which led to us being chosen for this award.

Luke Menzies

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