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Government reforms: What’s new this month? (1) Tribunal fees

tribunal feesFrom 29 July 2013 Employment Tribunal fees apply. Here’s a quick reminder.

From the above date all those bringing Tribunal claims and EAT appeals will be liable to pay a fee (or provide an application for a reduction against that fee). There will be two levels of claim:

Whether a claim attracts type A or B fees will depend on the type of claim. Type A claims include unlawful deduction from wages, holiday pay, and redundancy payment claims. Type B claims include discrimination, equal pay and unfair dismissal claims (i.e. those that are likely to be more complex and take more time to determine). There is a separate fee structure for multiple claims (i.e. claims submitted jointly by more than one claimant).

There are several other new fees too. For example, £60 for an application by an employer to dismiss a claim following settlement and £600 for judicial mediation, which has to be paid by the employer.

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