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May 2013 news

seeds-of-reformIt’s May, and the seeds of HR/employment law reform sown by the Government are finally putting down some solid roots. We have watched with anticipation the progress of the Government’s reform bill, the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill (ERRB), since its inception a year ago in May 2012. It has now been agreed and finalised, with a number of its main reforms coming in during June 2013. Tribunal fees may be nearly upon us, with a suggested start date at the end of July, affecting claims lodged after that date (but that seems unlikely – see below). For once, there was little employment law news in the Queen’s speech. Finally, we have our case round-up which warns employers to clarify start dates and beware of post-termination victimisation, but not to worry too much about informing and consulting with employees under TUPE if they’re only indirectly affected by a transfer.


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