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Mental Health and Reasonable Adjustments – new ACAS Guidance

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ACAS has recently launched useful guidance for employers on making reasonable adjustments for employees with mental health conditions.  This guidance is likely to be welcomed by employers and provides some useful examples.

The new ACAS guidance (available here) covers:

  • What reasonable adjustments for mental health are and examples
  • Requesting reasonable adjustments and responding to these
  • Managing employees with reasonable adjustments
  • Reviewing policies with mental health in mind.

The guidance highlights that making reasonable adjustments can assist with the recruitment, retention and training costs of employees – in addition to potentially reducing absence and increasing productivity. It also describes the importance of employers and employees working together to agree and review reasonable adjustments, including putting together an action plan.

The guidance helpfully also provides examples of reasonable adjustments, such as:

  • Changing someone’s role and responsibilities. For example, reducing the more stressful responsibilities such as phone calls and customer facing work;
  • Reviewing working relationships and communication styles. For example, agreeing a preferred communication method and limiting spontaneous calls to help reduce anxiety;
  • Changing the physical working environment. For example, relocating an employee’s workspace to a quieter area to help reduce stress (due to sensory overload);
  • Flexible working and/or phased return to work; and
  • Providing additional support. For example, providing training or coaching to build confidence in particular skills.

The guidance recommends considering making such reasonable adjustments, if they would benefit the employee, even if they are not disabled. It also suggests putting in place an ongoing review process to ensure that any reasonable adjustments remain relevant and fit for purpose.


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