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Newsflash: Claims heading down…

tribunals1-downSummary:  Employers will be pleased to know that recent statistics show the number of Tribunal claims has again fallen further – by about 79%.  This is inevitably fuelled by the introduction of Tribunal fees in July 2013.

Detail:  The Government has just released data relating to Tribunal claims for the period October – December 2013.  This reveals that there has been a 79% drop compared with the same period in 2012 for the number of applications lodged.  There has also been a drop of about 63% in the number of single claims brought on average per month.

Previous Government data for the period July – September 2013 had also revealed a significant reduction.  However, many commentators thought these figures had been skewed by the number of claimants who would have rushed to bring their claims prior to the introduction of fees.

These new statistics confirm a definite fall off in claims being brought – which can only be a good thing for employers!

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