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Newsflash: Tribunal fees – on their way out?

tribunal fees - stack of pound coinsWhat do we already know?

We reported in our September 2014 Newsletter Government reforms (4): Tribunal fees on their way down again that UNISON continues to pursue its judicial review proceedings against the Government in order to overturn the Tribunal fees regime. UNISON’s arguments were rejected by the High Court following a hearing last year and UNISON appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Following UNISON’s submission of new evidence, and with Ministry of Justice statistics showing a steady reduction in claims of around 70-80% from the pre-fee levels, the Court of Appeal allowed UNISON a second, fresh, application in the High Court.

What’s new?

Unison’s second application has now been heard in High Court on 21 and 22 October 2014. The outcome is not yet known but ultimately the High Court has the power to overturn the fees regime, order a review of the regime as well as making a declaration as to the steps which should be taken.

Watch this space for further details once we know the High Court’s decision…

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