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Pay structure review: a case study

Ensuring that your pay structures are fair and equitable is an ongoing and ever present challenge.  This case study illustrates a typical example of where a client knows fundamentally what is wrong with their current pay structure, but needs some guidance and support on how to address the issues.

The challenge

The company had a number of pay approaches in place – each originally implemented with a view to ensuring that they could remain competitive when recruiting into the different parts of their business.  However, the pay structure in each part of the business was different, with a variety of rules and implementation practices in place. There was an underlying feeling that this could ultimately lead to pay gaps, and the client’s employee survey had highlighted that staff were unhappy with the current frameworks.

The HR Director knew they needed to make some fundamental changes, and had in mind the outcomes they wanted to achieve, but wanted a critical friend to help them ensure the process was robust.


The culture was very diverse, with each part of the business having its own strong sense of identity.

What needed to happen?

The business needed to take control of its pay and reward policies and ensure that there was some sort of consistency in how they were applied.  Directors and managers needed to recognise that there were risks inherent in the current process and understand how they could minimise those risks.  The HR team needed to ensure that everyone understood how the pay and reward policies would work.

What did Menzies Law do?

Our specialist reward consultant worked with the Director of HR to map out a process for reviewing the current approach and establishing what needed to change and why.  Our consultant worked on site directly with the HR team to give advice and practical help as the process developed.

Key steps included:

Outcomes for our client

Our client was able to take a report to the board that clearly established the issues and principles at risk.  Costs and efficiencies were identified, along with the implications of any actions taken or not taken to address the issues.  Agreement was received to progress with the implementation.

Directors and managers now have a robust set of principles to guide them and are more aware of the implications of their decisions.

The HR team is better informed and able to support the decision making process more effectively.  The team has learned how and when to take steps to mitigate risks within the business and is more confident in their support to the business.

Staff have seen that their input to the staff survey is treated seriously and action is taken to address their concerns.



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