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Welcome to our Employment Law Newsletter.  There’s plenty to tell you about so grab a beverage of your choice and treat yourself to some employment law!

Let’s start with the obvious.  With Labour now in Government, we can expect significant changes to the employment landscape.  We summarise Labour’s planned reforms, their potential effects and how employers can prepare for them here.  HR will of course play a pivotal role in this process so we will be keeping you up to date as things take shape.

When an election is called and Parliament is dissolved, most draft legislation no longer proceeds.  Some does make it through (known as the ‘wash up’ process) but the majority is unlikely to come to anything. If you don’t see an update on something you’d expect from us, this may be why.  Despite this legislative ‘shelving’, we’ve still got plenty to tell you about in this issue;

  • Legislative changes include; new Code of Practice on Flexible Working, important rights for fathers in the Paternity Leave (Bereavement) Act (which made it though ‘wash up’), and details of the annual increase in awards for Discrimination.
  • New Guidance on holiday pay and carer’s leave and the final draft of the Code of Practice on Allocation of Tips (following consultation)
  • 6 employment cases.  As always, we explain the implications to employers of those judgements.

In case you missed them, Anne-Marie has written some great blogs on flexible working in response April’s changes to the right to request.  Well worth the read.

Our next Newsletter will be in the early Autumn realistically.  In the meantime we wish you a great summer holiday if you’re having one, and if not, at least some sunshine for the weeks ahead!

Best wishes from all at Menzies Law



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