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Tag: Citibank NA & Others v Kirk

Like most years, 2022 was packed full of interesting employment law cases.

In this article we summarise several important discrimination and worker status decisions from the employment tribunal and employment appeal tribunal.

There were several age discrimination cases which reached the courts this year. Citibank NA & Others v Kirk, Sutherland v Superdry and Pelter v Buro Four Project Services Ltd were 3 such cases.

An interesting sex discrimination came to the Tribunal with the case of Mr C Bayfield and Mr C Jenner v Wunderman Thompson (UK) Ltd and Others where the Respondent was found to have discriminated against the Claimants when seeking to address it’s significant gender pay gap.

Philosophical beliefs and gender critical beliefs were examined in 2 cases; Forstater v CGD Europe and others and Mackereth v (1) DWP (2) Advanced Personnel Management Group (UK)


2 key worker status cases were;  Nursing & Midwifery Council v Somerville and Johnson v Transopco

We expect to see neurodiversity cases increasing as awareness of neurodiverse conditions grows and society’s expectations  change.    The cases of Jandu v M&S andMorgan v Buckinghamshire Council made for interesting reading last year.

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