Government Reforms (3): Family Friendly – Protection Against Redundancy

What do we already know? In our February 2019 Newsletter Government reforms (1): Family friendly – protection against redundancy we updated you that the Government had published a consultation, Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination: Consultation on extending redundancy protection for women and new parents (available here).  The consultation asked for views on what changes could be…
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Government reforms (1): Family friendly – Protection against redundancy

In 2016 the Women and Equalities Select Committee held an inquiry into pregnancy and maternity discrimination (see our Blog Is employment law currently failing pregnant women?). The Committee found that discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers had become more common over the previous ten years and recommended steps that the Government should take to…
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Blog: Is employment law currently failing pregnant women?

Simon Martin, Specialist Employment Lawyer at Menzies Law
Yes it is, according to a report recently issued by a Committee of MPs, known as the Women and Equalities Committee.  They say that  “urgent action” is needed to give pregnant women and new mothers more protection at work after a “shocking” increase in discrimination. The Committee is calling for a German-style system, where it…
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Blog: Childcare vouchers and maternity leave – what on earth’s happening?

Anne-Marie Boyle
Maternity rights can be a tricky enough area for employers to navigate at the best of times and a lack of relevant case law in this area doesn’t help. Now a very odd EAT decision has lobbed a grenade into the well-established understanding of what happens to a woman’s salary-sacrificed childcare vouchers during maternity leave.…
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Case update (2): Family friendly – childcare vouchers & maternity leave

Summary: Do employers need to provide childcare vouchers during maternity leave? No, says the EAT in Peninsula Business Services v Donaldson available here. Background:  Under the Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations 1999, women on maternity leave are entitled to receive non-cash benefits but not pay. HMRC guidance states that employees must continue to receive non-cash…
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Blog: HR – Championing the humans

human workforce
Sometime ago a friend got in touch wanting to talk about her payslip (I suppose if I wanted salacious gossip I’d have gone into divorce law). This friend, let’s call her Helen, had just started maternity leave and her large, private sector employer offers a modest enhanced maternity scheme. Over a glass of wine we…
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Case update (3): Family (un)friendly: maternity leave and redundancy

Summary: At what point in time does the duty to offer a suitable alternative vacancy arise in respect of a woman whose role becomes redundant while she is on maternity leave? When the employer becomes aware that her role is redundant or potentially redundant, says the EAT in Sefton Borough Council v Wainwright, available here.…
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