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Upcoming seminar: Holidays & Holiday Pay

round-up1-250As the season takes a dramatically chilly turn, we hope you’ll be able to join us at our next Holidays & Holiday Pay seminar, as the reality of the latest cases on calculating holiday pay dawns. As well as the controversial decision that commission must be included in the holiday pay calculation, employers are now faced with including certain elements of overtime, allowances and bonuses. Understandably, fears abound, not just of the hike in the cost of holiday pay, but also of potential claims for back-pay stretching back as far as 1998.

In this seminar, taking place on 27 January, we’ll explore the potential impact for your organisation in more detail and help you to identify your likely exposure. As well as looking at the practical steps you can take to assess cost, we’ll provide you with the essential tools to plan your approach and manage your risk. As always, the session will be highly practical, equipping you with the knowledge, confidence and key templates you’ll need to deal with the range of holiday pay issues now at large.

To book please follow this link. We also feature a more in depth review of the latest developments further on in the November newsletter.

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