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Specialist employment lawyers - Helping you manage trade unions relationshipsHelping you manage trade unions relationships is one of the things we’re best at.

Very few employment lawyers have any experience of dealing with trade union relationships, formal recognition or industrial action.  They’re mostly terrified of it.  That’s not the case with Menzies Law.  We can offer you decades of experience of successfully helping employers handle collective relationships.  It’s something we do very well.

Trade Union experts

Bargaining units, thresholds, Central Arbitration Committee, statutory recognition process, strike ballots… Trade union law is a complex and rather antiquated maze.  Working with us, you will get the map and an excellent guide to help you navigate its twisting pathways.

Let us take the strain for you.  We can give you the understanding, confidence and strategy to manage your trade union relationships in the way that’s right for your business.  Our trade union experts offer you over 20 years of experience in a wide range of union-related activities.  We bring a great deal of common sense and pragmatism, blended with a thorough understanding of the relevant law.

Our trade union expertise is across various sectors and types of business.  We have a particular depth of experience in Education sector and the Manufacturing/Engineering sector.

Union recognition

Here at Menzies Law we’ve helped a lot of businesses recognise and de-recognise trade unions since this area of law was revolutionised during the Blair era.  We have regularly sat across the table from trade union officials, negotiating the details of a formal recognition agreement so that it works for all concerned.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s tough.  But with Menzies Law’s trade union experts on your side of the table, you will be confident in having a plan and sticking to it, whatever might be thrown at you (we’re speaking metaphorically here, of course… most of the time).

Working with us, you will be able to ensure that your trade union recognition agreement is fit-for-purpose. One that strikes the right balance for your particular business and workforce and doesn’t over-commit you.  The days of having to go through collective bargaining about the type of loo paper in the lavatories (we’re not kidding) should be well behind you.

In addition to recognition agreements, we have a lot of experience in renegotiating and terminating recognition agreements with trade unions.

Pay negotiations

You can rely on us to provide you with all the strategy, tactics and planning to ensure successful pay negotiations every time with your trade unions.  Sometimes it involves coping with a strike in order to achieve the pay formula your business needs.  Sometimes it is simply sitting round the table negotiating on whether it’s going to be 2% or 4%.  Whatever the situation, we’ve handled it all and we’re there for you.  Working with us, you will gain the confidence to see it through in a way that produces a fair result for all.

Industrial action

No-one wants a strike, a work-to-rule or even the hint of an industrial action ballot.  But sometimes it happens, whatever approach you take.  When you work with our trade union experts, we take away the worry and lack of confidence that you might very reasonably have.  We will outline the likely outcomes, your options and give our opinion on the reasonableness of each side’s positions, based on our deep experience.  You will have us on hand, as much as you need us.  We will give you the confidence and strategy for managing any kind of industrial action.  We will help you see it through to a positive conclusion for your business and your employees.

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