Government reforms (2): Increase in discrimination awards

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New Guidance has been published by the Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland on the amount of compensation which can be awarded in discrimination claims (available here).

There are currently three levels of bands for compensation for injury to feeling as a result of discrimination (known as “Vento” bands, after the 2002 case by that name). All of these will increase in respect of claims presented on or after 11 September 2017.  The new bands are:

  • Lower band: (less serious cases): £800 to £8,400
  • Middle band: £8,400 to £25,200
  • Upper band: (the most serious cases): £25,200 to £42,00

Going forwards, this Presidential Guidance and the recommended bands of compensation will be reviewed annually in March (Judicial discretion will be applied for cases which were brought before the introduction of these new rates).

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