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Government reforms (4): Guidance on Workplace Safety due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Government has published guidance for businesses and employers on:

Remaining safely open:  the guidance includes a summary of advice for employers and businesses in England to follow to protect their workforce and customers, whilst continuing to trade.  It includes advice on social distancing, hygiene, cleanliness, staff sickness advice, shift-working, staggering processes, moving goods and food safely and staying at home.

The guidance also explains that it is good practice for employers to:

Social distancing:  the guidance repeats the general (all too familiar) rules that:

The guidance then offers particular tailored advice to employers across a range of sectors including retail, construction, manufacturing, waste management and transport.  Whilst the guidance is useful, it does not supersede the duties every employer has to protect the health and safety of their staff. That means undertaking specific risk assessments and taking all necessary precautions to protect staff interacting with the public or each other.


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