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Government Reforms (1): Gender Pay Gap returns

What do we already know? Gender pay gap reporting was introduced in 2017. The gender pay gap is the difference between the average earnings of men and women, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. The Government’s intention is to encourage employers to consider and, if required, take appropriate actions to reduce or eliminate their…
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Government Reforms (3): GEO – Gender Pay Gap guidance

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has published two new pieces of guidance (available here) for employers to help them identify the potential causes of any gender pay gap (GPG) within their organisation and develop an effective approach to tackle it: Eight ways to understand your organisation’s gender pay gap (available here); and Four steps to…
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Case update (2): Equal pay – Comparators

What do we already know? We updated you in our October 2016 Newsflash Gender pay gap – Equal pay case to proceed, our November 2016 blog What does ASDA mean for me?, and September 2017 Newsflash Case update (2): Gender pay gap – equal pay case to proceed on the preliminary Tribunal and EAT’s decisions…
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Case update (2): Disabilty discrimination – Enhanced pensions

What do we already know? We updated you in our August 2017 Newsletter Case update (1) Disability discrimination – unfavourable advantageous treatment on the Court of Appeal’s decision in Williams v The Trustees of Swansea University Pension & Assurance Scheme and another. In this case the employee argued that because his enhanced pension was based…
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Blog: Don’t get sunk by a bonus blunder!

Shortly before Christmas the thorny issue of excessive bonuses once again hit the headlines, this time as the head of a large housebuilder quit after questions about the size of his £75m bonus.  Enough to pay cash for a super-yacht!  Under bonus arrangements that were undoubtedly agreed at Remuneration Committee level, he got what he…
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Blog: So, what’s the benefit?

I’ve been working as a Reward consultant for some years now, and before that I was in an in-house Reward role in a reasonable sized organisation.  One of the issues we struggled with then was budget, and how to spend it wisely in order to get the best benefits for our staff. I discovered early…
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Case update (3): Holiday pay – carry over made easy

holiday pay
Summary:  If a worker doesn’t ask to take their outstanding statutory holiday entitlement before the end of their leave year, can they be prevented from carrying it over to the next? No, unless the employer has ensured “specifically and transparently” that the worker has been given the opportunity to take the leave, held the CJEU…
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Government reforms (1): Budget 2018

budget breakdown
The Chancellor presented this year’s budget at the end of October 2018. Key announcements for HR/employment law are: 1. National living wage and minimum wage increases: The following National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates come into effect in April 2019: 25 years and above (the National Living Wage):  from £7.83 to £8.21 per hour; 21-24 year…
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Government Reforms (3): Top tips for staff

stack of pound coins
The Government has announced plans (available here) to ensure that tips left for workers will go to them in full.  This forms part of its modern ‘Industrial Strategy’ to end exploitative employment practices. While the Government acknowledges that most employers act in good faith, in some sectors evidence points towards poor tipping practices, including excessive…
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Government Reforms (1): Mind the ethnicity pay gap

The Government is consulting on implementing mandatory ethnicity pay reporting.  The consultation, available here, sets out options and asks questions on what ethnicity pay information should be reported, who should be expected to report, and the next steps to be taken. The principle behind the consultation already looks very similar to that of the gender…
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